I’m about to go all Untouchables on this cotoletta di capone!!!

Dude, The Untouchables is one of my all-time favourite movies, bro! You’ve got Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, Sean Connery and Robert muthafuckin’ De Niro wearing Al Capone’s underwear. Talk about a cinematic classic!!!

Now, I’ve never sent one of his to the morgue, but I have slayed a whole lotta Italian dishes in my day. So now we’re hanging out at Giulietta, this funky Italian joint on the west side of Dundas, where you can see people in leather jackets with punk rock patches walking down the street. The neighbourhood might not be gentrified, but that’s not to say this place ain’t fancy — it was just named Canada’s Best New Restaurant of 2019. But you can still walk in there wearing a Judas Priest t-shirt and a Calgary Flames camouflage trucker hat — trust me, I would know. 😉

giulietta_lamb_sausage (5)

Now, before I could get to Capone, I had to go through his henchman, Salsiccia d’Agnello. Talk about a name straight outta a gangster film! This lemony lamb sausage was nice and sweet, with some braised fennel and a whole buncha grilled onions. Not even Prohibition could stop me from scarfing this down, son!!!

giulietta_capone (17)

And then I found myself staring down the Big Boss Man, Cotoletta di Capone. (His friends call him “Al.”) This crispy Italian schnitzel was served with some greens, pickled veg and a lemon wedge — and while it’s not quite as massive as the plate-sized pork cutlet at Tennessee Tavern, you might need a whole team of Untouchables to take this one down!

menabrea_bionda (8)

Of course, since Prohibition is soooo 1920’s, I celebrated my takedown of Capone with a couple of Menabrea Biondas. I first had this Italian beer at Sud Forno, and while it’s nothing worth starting a temperance movement over…I would still drink it over Molson Canadian, any day!!!!

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