Burgermania’s running wild on Yonge-Dundas Square!!!

Now, burgers and bandanas are two of my favourite things, so when I heard that Burgermania was coming back to Toronto, I was all bouncing off the ropes for a big leg drop, brother! They’ve serving up sliders, fries and milkshakes all weekend in Yonge-Dundas Square — I don’t need to cook until Monday, bro!!!

mac_and_cheese_burger (1)

Now, the biggest line at the whole festival was for Ronto’s Burger, which was all over Instagram with its mac ‘n cheese sliders. But you know how things always look better on Instagram, bro? In reality, this mac wasn’t very cheesy, and most of it didn’t stay between the buns, meaning you had a half-decent double cheeseburger with a side of mediocre mac instead.

ronto's_barnyard_burger (2)

Now, on the other hand, Ronto’s other culinary creation, the Barnyard Burger, was pretty legit. You’ve got a beef burger topped with fried chicken, bacon, drizzled with honey, and then some pickles and coleslaw to balance out the sweetness. Man, I could go for another three of these — if I didn’t hafta wait in line again!!!

good_fortune_burger (4)

Right next to Ronto’s stall, Good Fortune Bar was serving up this classic cheeseburger with a twist — Hickory Sticks, the greatest chips known to mankind. I’m pretty sure I have eaten Hickory Sticks off a flip-flop before…but when you put em on a burger, they taste even better!!!

quadruple_cherry_mac (5)

Cherry St Bar-B-Que, home of the best beef brisket you’ll ever find in a food court, was offering up this culinary challenge. You could get their 100% ground brisket Cherry Mac burger for five bucks, or for just two dollars more, you could add another patty, and another, and another… It’s a Flavourtown Quadruple Down, Fieri-san!!! And while the rest of the toppings could not compete with all that meat, who needs lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles when you can have brisket, brisket, brisket and more brisket, broseph????

italian_fries (3)

Of course, you can’t have four burgers without fries, so we’re hitting up Chef Michael G’s World Fry House, where they’re fresh cutting french fries right in front of your face! These are The Italian, topped with Parmesan and parsley. Who needs Crimson and Clover when you can have Parmesan and Parsley, Bro-an Jett???


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