South African BBQ at Plan B Burgers

You know me, this is body by BBQ, bro! So when I heard about Plan B – Handmade Burgers, Boerewors and Braai,  this funky little joint on the Kingsway, serving up a South African style of BBQ call braai, I knew I had to come check it out!

We went with the Variety Braai Platter for 3, which is serving up steak, chicken, and this funky South African sausage called boerwors. You also get two sides — in this case, bean salad and a South African cornmeal polenta called pap, served with tomato chutney — all for just 45 bucks! And while it might be a lotta food for one, it divides pretty evenly between three people:

plan_b_platter (7)

OK, now let’s break it down. All the meat is super-charred, you’ve got a nice grilled chicken, some juicy beef sausage. Steak is on the thin side — this ain’t no ribeye — but it gets the job done. The pap goes nicely with the chutney, but what makes it is the cold bean salad. I was thinking pork ‘n beans, but it was maybe more pinto, served cold though…and it was actually quite tasty:

plan_b_bean_salad (2)


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