Haggis four ways on Robbie Burns Day!!!

Now, I’m not Scottish or anything…but I did see Braveheart last night, bro! And since today is Robbie Burns Day, that means it’s time to address some haggis, laddie! Over at Mackenzie House, this historic building and museum just a caber toss away from Yonge and Dundas, they’re serving up not one, not two, not three, but four different kinds of haggis, complete with kilts and bagpipes!!!

robbie_burns_haggis (8)

We’re starting off with the OG haggis, sheep’s heart, lungs and stomach, mixed with oats, salt ‘n pepper on top of a digestive biscuit. Good, hearty texture, with a nice richness to it, and actually a fair bit of spice… Please sir, cannae have some more???

haggis_tart (6)

This haggis tart will keek stah mah hah, bro! Rich and meaty sheep in a mini pastry with a sliver of onion on top? Shut the back door!!!!

vegan_haggis (3)

Now, I almost didn’t wanna try the vegan haggis…but I also didn’t wanna be the guy who only ate three haggises when he couldda had four. This dish is mostly made of lentils, and tastes sorta like a stew without the broth — puff, puff, pass!!!

dessert_haggis (3)

Of course, because you KNOW we’ve still got room for dessert…it’s time for some dessert haggis, bro! OK, so it’s basically a chocolate brownie with some nuts, which kinda looks like haggis…but there’s no dirty deeds done with sheep here!!!

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