20 BEERS BETTER THAN CORONA: 2. Numero Uno Mexican Lager

In case you missed it yesterday, we are counting down 20 beers that are better than Corona to get us in the drinking mood once all the bars in Ontario reopen after the Coronavirus shutdown. Of course, they haven’t actually told us when that might be — hopefully this countdown doesn’t go to 100!!!

2. Numero Uno Mexican Lager

flying_dog_numero_uno (19)

You know how every time Tony Romo does a cringey commercial, a Corona gets its lime? Well, Numero Uno Mexican Lager from Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewery doesn’t need a lime — it’s brewed with agave and lime zest, so the flavour’s already in the beer, bro!

I pounded a few of these, along with a triple-decker BBQ sandwich and some bacon cheddar pulled pork fries at Black Hog BBQ, this funky joint in downtown Frederick, last summer. Man, I miss BBQ already!!!

Get the full story here.


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