TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: I’m soooo hungry for Hungarian, bro!!!

Now, a couple years back, when we hit up Country Style Hungarian, this little family-run joint in The Annex, I saw a couple college kids order the platter for two, and not even come close to finishing it. Ever since then, I wondered if I could eat all that by myself — and now we’re about to find out!

Y’see, Country Style’s platter for two comes with cabbage rolls, dumplings, sausage, potatoes, beets and not one, but two kinds of schnitzel — Wiener AND Parisian!

country_style_wiener_schnitzel (5)

Now, the wiener schnitzel is the more traditional kind — crunchy, munchy, and so big, it barely fits in the container! Throw in some sour cream, and a couple potatoes, and it’s the perfect hangover food…and I ain’t even drunk yet, bro!!!

country_style_parisian_schnitzel (2)

But if anything, I think I prefer the Parisian schnitzel. The meat is thicker, breading is lighter, kinda like a chicken-fried steak…gravy not included!

country_style_cabbage_roll (4)

Cabbage roll was too legit to quit! Stuffed with all kinds of meat, swimming in a sea of hot sauerkraut — dude, Hot Sauerkraut was my nickname in Call of Duty, son!!!

country_style_spaetzle (2)

But what really makes it are these Hungarian dumplings. They’re sorta like spaetzle, made with egg noodles and dropped into boiling water for that nice, soft, texture. Man, I could eat a whole container of these…oh wait, I just did!!!

rosee_d'hibiscus (9)

Now, because they ain’t serving up Malnaszorp in a to-go cup, I’m washing this feast down with a Rosee d’Hibiscus from Dieu Du Ciel brewery. This fruity wheat beer is brewed with hibiscus flowers, giving it a nice, tropical flavour. Man, I could slam at least seven of these…if I wasn’t polishing off a full platter of food!!!!

country_style_aftermath (12)

Now, I know what you’re thinking — did he really just eat all that? Well, in the end I came pretty close. I only left a few beets behind…cuz you know what I say, why eat beets when you can eat meat!!!

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