TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: $7 pizza shaped like Garfield’s head!

Now, Skip the Dishes is probably my third choice of delivery apps, even though they’ve got my homie Jon Hammie in all their ads (Rabbity Babbity Doo, bro!) But that might be about to change, since I just discovered their $10 lunch category of places offering lunch specials for just 10 bucks. And, when I was scrolling through the list, I found a place that’s servingup pizza not for 10 bucks, but only 7…so you KNOW I was all over that like Garfield on lasagna, son!

Speaking of Garfield, that’s what this pizza place is all about — Garfield EATS is dishing out pizzas that are shaped like his face. Since their pies are normally 13 to 17 bucks, I figured this was a pretty sweet deal. And the craziest thing about this offer is you could add any (non-meat) toppings for freakin’ free!!!!

garfield_eats_pizza (18)

So, I kept it simple with their Garfield Peroni pizza, only adding mushrooms and extra cheese — dude, Extra Cheese is the name of my 80’s cover band! I also went with the Garfield Secret BBQ Sauce over the regular tomato, which added a nice sweetness. Obviously, this pie was super cheesy, with a  meaty beef pepperoni, and it was still nice ‘n hot, coming in all the way from Bloor and Dovercourt!!!

garfield_eats_pizza (32)

Now, I wouldn’t say this was the best delivery pizza ever…but for seven bucks, I definitely can’t complain. I mean, if given the choice between, like, two slice of pepperoni at Pizza Pizza, or an entire pizza shaped like Garfield’s head, then I gotta go with Garfield, any day of the week!!!!

Garfield Eating GIF - Garfield Eating Hungry GIFs

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