HEATED PATIO EATS: Classic Canadian comfort food @ Peter Pan Bistro

Now, with this crazy heatwave we’ve been having, temperatures are touching 20 degrees in the daytime, and it’s still like 14-15 at night. So they didn’t have the heaters on last night at Peter Pan Bistro… but they did have a fire pit, which made things nice and smoky.

They’re also serving up a winter market menu, with comfort food classics like grilled cheese, smoked meat, pumpkin soup — and their portable take on a French Canadian classic, this tourtiere hand pie:

peter_pan_tourtiere (5)

Dude, this is like tourtiere meets empanada, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all! You’ve got a nice, beef-pork blend inside a warm, flaky crust, with a side of house-made ketchup, which added a nice flavourful kick. I could probably slam at least five of these…

peter_pan_raclette (6)

But you KNOW I had to save some room for raclette, bro! Hot, melted cheese on top of crispy potatoes with these little bites of gherkin pickles… I could eat that all day!!!

beaus_country_vibes (6)

Now, Canadian comfort food needs to go with a Canadian comfort beer. They only had two brews to choose from, so I went with some Country Vibes, a nice amber ale from Beau’s. You KNOW I love my country, and I love it up loud, bro!!!!

chocolate_chip_cookie_smore (12)

Of course, I definitely still had room for dessert — this wasn’t even that much food. And speaking of winter comfort food, this chocolate chip cookie s’more definitely hit the mark! I would soooo roast this over an open fire, son!!!

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