TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: That’s one baaaad motherclucker!

Now, even after demolishing four Popeyes fried chicken sandwiches, I’ve still got a need…a need for fried chicken, bro! So when I heard that Storm Crow Manor, home of the Dungeon Burger, had opened up a fried-chicken ghost kitchen called MotherCluckers, I knew I had to get that mothercluckin’ chicken in my mothercluckin’ mouth, Samuel L. Jack-son! And what better way to do it than with chicken and biscuits???

mothercluckers_chicken+biscuits (2)

Their Chicken & Biscuits Dee-Luxe comes with one chicken thigh, extra-crispy, two soft, buttery biscuits, and a big ol’ side of gravy in a separate container. Plus, I rolled the dice and paid three bucks more for some chickpea fries with a side of donkey sauce. Dude, I’d put that shit on everything!

mothercluckers_fried_chicken (4)

Now, those biscuits were, the chickpea fries were nice and doughy, and the chicken was plenty tasty…but this meal only comes with one piece of it. What the cluck, bro???

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