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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: 28 problems, but a perogy ain’t one!

Dude, this is body by pierogis, bro! Whether we’re talking Polish-style, Hungarian or even pierogi poutine, you KNOW it’s heading straight down my piehole. So when I heard that Heavenly Perogy, this funky Ukranian joint on Bathurst, was offering 2-for-1 pierogis on Uber Eats, I was all over that like a babushka at a folk dance! And when I saw they had 2-for-1 dessert pierogis, I had to get some of those too, which means four orders of pierogis, or 28 pierogis in total. Just another light snack in Flavourtown?

sauerkraut_mushroom_perogy (8)

Now, this place has two kinds of pierogis, not including the dessert ones. Potato + cheddar has always been my go-to, but I thought I’d give their sauerkraut and mushroom flavour a try as well. Well, lemme tell ya, you definitely get the bitterness of the kraut — but I didn’t really taste the mushrooms so much. So I think I’ll just stick with the classic potato and cheese:

potato_cheddar_perogy (9)

Dude, these potato cheddar pierogis were definitely on point. Nice cheesy chew, boiled but not fried, with some sauteed onions and bacon bits — nothing wrong with that at all. You do hafta pay extra for toppings and sides like sour cream, but from what I can tell, I only got charged once for putting them on both orders, so it’s all good in the Flavourhood!

blueberry_dessert_perogies (8)

Now, here’s where they funk it up a notch. At first, I thought these blueberry dessert perogis would be kinda weird, but it’s actually sorta like eating blueberry pie, just with a softer, chewier crust. I will say that this is a dish best served warm, though. Since I literally saved these for dessert, the second batch wasn’t quite as hot or quite as good. Also, while these ones come with sour cream included, I found that I didn’t need to put as much on as I do with regular, mealtime pierogis. So that’s why the only thing left standing at the end of this meal was one unopened container of crème sûre.

heavenly_perogy_aftermath (7)

P.S.: Keep it locked on Triple B as we check out more 2-for-1 specials over the next two weeks!!!