Taking down a 10-pound turkey leg @ Fall n’ Leaves!

So, we’re hanging out at Fall n’ Leaves, this funky, fall-themed pop-up at Richmond and Bathurst, open from October 1st to the 31st. Man, this place has everything — bonfires, inflatable bowling, pumpkins, picnic tables — and some funky fresh food like wood-fire pizza, Thanksgiving poutine and pumpkin spice corn. Now, I’ve already had turkey a couple times this month, but when I saw they were serving up smoked turkey legs, I knew there was one with my name on it, son!!!!!!

smoked_turkey_leg (11)

Dude, this thing was so freakin’ yuuuge, I almost needed two hands to lift it! This culinary dumbbell in Flavourtown packs all kinds of meat, along with a whole buncha gristly bits — it’s kinda like an obstacle course to get to the good stuff at the end. But you KNOW this is just dinner for one in Flavourtown, son!!!!!

pumpkin_spice_corn (7)

Now, I also went with a side of pumpkin spice corn, cuz I had to try it. This combo doesn’t really work though, bro. Pumpkin spice and sour cream on corn on the cob!? Luckily, they only spiced one side, cuz the spice was a little heavy — it was kinda like taking the cinnamon challenge, but with a pumpkin on the table next to you…

spearhead_oktoberfest_lager (8)

Now, what beer could be better for these festivities than an Oktoberfest Lager from Spearhead, coming straight outta Kingston? This nice, crispy boi is a little heavy at 5.8% — but you don’t really notice when you’re stuffing your face with 10 pounds of meat. In fact, I think I’m gonna need another beer…

spearhead_new_england_ipa (13)

This Kingston-crafted NEIPA was definitely hoppier than some of the other beers of that style that I’ve had lately, but I’m not complaining. It also doesn’t feel like you’re drinking 7% with this one…but that may just be the turkey leg talking.

turkey_leg_aftermath (10)

Now, it was getting pretty wet by the time we left, so I wasn’t able to go back for dessert. I think I still had room for dessert, though…






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