I’m about to bite into some bison balls, bro!!!

You know me, this is body by meatballs, son! So when I heard that The Drake Hotel was serving up bison meatballs as part of their fall/winter menu, you KNOW I’m gonna be there with balls on, bro!!!!

drake_hotel_bison_meatballs (4)

They may not be the same size as the balls on a buffalo, but there’s nothing wrong with these round mounds of meat, topped with grated cheese, swimming in a sea of marinara with some little polenta croutons on the side — dude, Lil’ Polenta Croutons is my rap battle name, bro!!!!

drake_hotel_pumpkin_ravioli (3)

Now, I probably couldda stuffed at least twice as many balls down my piehole, but I wanted to save room for another fall/winter seasonal classic — pumpkin ravioli. The last time I had this dish was almost four years ago, in Yorkville, and it’s even better than I remembered! Pasta is cooked perfectly, and you get a nice, meaty texture with just enough spice to remind you that you’re eating pumpkin. Plus, they’re topped with all kinds of crazy stuff like fermented cashew brown butter, parsnip purée, crispy sage and hemp-seed parm — shut the front, back and side doors!!!!

midtown_brewing_kolsch (4)

Washed it all down with a couple pints of County Kolsch from Midtown Brewing Company. This light, cripsy boi goes down nice and smooth, with little to no aftertaste — unlike that pumpkin ravioli. 😛

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