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EATING LAS VEGAS: Craft beer ‘n burgers you can trust!

The Palazzo shopping mall at The Venetian is home to high-end stores like Burberry, Jimmy Choo and Michael Kors — so it hardly seems like the place you’d find a craft brewpub. But tucked into a corner on the second floor, Trustworthy Brewing Co. is cranking up the classic rock and serving up a dozen original brews, along with a handful of guest taps… I’d buy that any day, bro!!!

emilia's_first_peach_saison (4)

We’re starting off with an Emilia’s First Peach Saison, served up in a big ol 24 oz beer hall mug. This beer is definitely pretty peachy, and at 6.2%, it kinda sneaks up on you a bit…

trustworthy_brewing_soft_pretzel (5)

We’re pairing it with a warm, soft ‘n delicious Bavarian style pretzel, with not one, not two, but three different dips to choose from. The Gruyere cheese spread was nice n creamy, while the stout mustard had a nice little kick. But what makes it is the amber ale beer cheese — dude, this is body by beer cheese!!!

tenaya_creek_fruit_punch (5)

We’re following that up with one of the guest taps, a Tenaya Creek Fruit Punch. This German-style wheat beer has plenty of pucker, and tastes like a whole buncha fruits mixed together as opposed to just one. You definitely get fruit punch face from this one…

trustworthy_brewing_hickory_burger (15)

Now, I gotta say, their Hickory Burger was quite tasty, with an American Wagyu patty and some nice, peppery bacon. I really like how you get bacon in every bite. But if there’s one thing missing, it’s that I didn’t taste any crispy fried onion strings. I mean, it’s right there on the menu, so…