ICE ICELAND BABY: I’m gonna go all Glenn Danzig on these Icelandic hot dogs!!!

With Ontario on the verge of another lockdown, we’re heading out to a land of ice and snow, where the COVID cases are relatively low… Vanilla Ice, Ice, Iceland, baby!!! Check out these eats over the next couple weeks!!!!!!

Now, for a country that’s not really known for food, Iceland’s most famous dish is probably the pylsa, or Icelandic hot dog. But these ain’t just any old dogs, bro! For one thing, they ain’t made of pork or beef, but lamb, which is definitely the most common meat around these parts.

And Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, this funky little stand that’s been serving em up for over 80 years, is literally the best in town — their name actually means Best Hot Dogs in Town in Icelandic!!!

Now, not only is the meat different over here, but the toppings are not what you’re used to, either. A fully loaded hot dog comes with raw AND fried onions, sweet mustard, an Icelandic remoulade and a sweet ketchup that’s made with apples. Dude, that’s apples…and apples is good???

While the price is about the same as downtown TO (550 kroners is about $5.50 Canadian), these are definitely smaller than your typical Toronto street meat…which is why I ordered two, as a snack, before a three-course dinner. But hey, as far as snacks go, I’d much rather munch on these bad boys than rotten shark, bro!!!!

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