ICE ICELAND BABY: Stairway to Heaven and Icelandic skyr @ Lemmy

With bars across Iceland having to close by 10 pm due to COVID, the bar scene in Reykjavik is less about the night life and more about the morning life these days. That’s why we headed out to Lemmy, this funky joint in the heart of downtown for a hearty breakfast of Icelandic yogurt and a milkshake.

Now, while there is a statue of God himself inside the bar, the music here isn’t all Motörhead all the time — it’s less heavy metal, more classic rock. The heaviest is gets would be Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin or Lynyrd Skynyrd… but these are a few of my favourite things, bro!!!!

Stairway to Heaven was playing when they brought out this bowl of Verdandi Skyr, which was pretty much perfect. They pack a whole lotta flavour into this yogurt, with blackberries and maple syrup at the bottom, and apples (NOT appelsinu), strawberries, chocolate shavings and bananas on top. Dude that’s bananas — and bananas are good!!!!

But that’s not all, folks. We’re pairing that great big bowl of yogurt with a Hangover Shake. What’s a hangover shake? Well, you’ve got ice cream, blended with whiskey, coffee and caramel with a buncha whipped cream on top. Don’t you touch me baby cuz I’m shaking so much!!!!

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