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TORONTO’S TOP TAKEOUT: Crushin’ sandos with a fuckin’ Puppers!

Dude, I see ads on TV for the new season of Letterkenny like 13 times a hockey game, bro! So after binging Season 10 for the third time, I need me a fuckin’ Puppers…

puppers_golden_lager (11)

Now, this was not a real beer when the show first aired, but somewhere along the way, Mill St made Puppers Golden Lager happen. You can get ’em at The Beer Store, for $3.15 a can. And it tastes pretty much like what you’d expect some hicks from a small town to drink. I’m not saying it’s Molson Canadian, but it’s definitely Canadian-adjacent, somewhere in between Mill St Organic and Labatt 50. Hmm, I wonder if this beer is organic, too?

brick_n_cheese (20)

Of course, you KNOW I can’t drink Puppers without crushin’ sandos like Reilly and Jonesy, bro! And it turns out that Brick’N’Cheese, this funky French sandwich shop I’ve been meaning to check out for a while, has a 2-for-1 offer on Uber Eats until Jan 30. Now, in France they call these tacos, but they’re actually more like a San Diego style burrito, with fries on the inside… except these bricks are pressed flat and grilled on a sandwich press. Food took almost an hour to arrive, but they were still nice ‘n warm.

Now, you can add veggies or cheeses to your brick, but it’s gonna cost ya extra. So I just went with the classic beef, potatoes and cheese sauce. (I did pay 20 cents more for some Andalouse sauce, which added a nice little tang.) I just wish that Uber Eats would let you get two different sandos with the BOGO deal — that way I couldda gone with one chicken, one beef instead of crushing two beef sandos. You can never have too much beef though, bro!!!

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