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LA POUTINE WEEK 2022: 10 pounds of poutine in a 9-pound bag…

We’re coming up to the end of La Poutine Week, so we’re saving the biggest and baddest for last, bro!  Now, most places on the list were serving up poutines for 10-15 bucks… but Smoke’s Poutinerie, the friendly neighbourhood poutine chain that’s been dishing it out since 2009, was going all out with the Slaughterhouse, a 28-dollar dish that’s packing not one, not two, not three, not four but five different meats on top of fries, curds and gravy — shut the front, back, side, rear, aft, port and starboard doors, mighty mighty broseph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smokes_slaughterhouse_poutine (17)

Now, you could double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple down on any of the five kinds of meat they had here, but I decided to do one of everything: bacon, pulled pork, chicken, steak and “prime beef” (which I think is just ground beef, bro). Man, this meaty monstrosity was like The Song that Never Ends in Flavourtown — no matter how much I ate, this box still seemed like it was full. I did eventually get to the bottom, though…

smokes_slaughterhouse_aftermath (3)

When they say this baby is not for your average poutine eater, they definitely weren’t kidding. Although I think they were lying about the weight — they said 3 pounds, but I had to carry this thing home, and I swear it weighed more than I lift at the gym, bro! Between all the meats, the bacon, pulled pork and steak were what stood out. I guess I saw some chunks of chicken, and I’m still not sure what prime beef is. But the cheese curds were the stars of the show, staying perfectly squeaky all the way home. In fact, as I was getting full, they became the hardest thing to chew… but a can full of Canuck brew helps the poutine-icine go down, Mary Bro-ppins!!!!!!

great_lakes_canuck (3)