It’s a pizza… It’s a calzone… It’s Batman, bro!!!!

Now, I dunno if I even wanna see Rob Pattinson in the new Batman movie — especially after Christian Bale absolutely killed it and grilled it in that role, son! (At least he can’t be any worse than Ben Affleck, right?) But when I heard that Little Caesars was putting out a new, limited-edition Batman Calzony in honour of the movie, you KNOW I had to buy a ticket for that one, bro!!!!

I didn’t even think I had a Little Caesars anywhere near me, but it turns out there’s one at Coxwell and Gerrard — which isn’t super-close, but only about a 15 minute drive if you order from Skip the Dishes. (Uber probably wouldda sent a bicycle delivery guy, and had him make 3 other stops along the way…) So while this Calzony wasn’t quite Hot-n-Ready when it got here, it was still warm enough to make for some good eatin’.

little_caesars_batman_calzony (13)

Now, one thing that makes this different from your typical delivery pizza is that the slices are are square, or at least vaguely rectangular, in order to make the shape of the Batman logo. Otherwise, this is decent pizza, with a good, chewy crust and pretty good pepperoni distribution.

little_caesars_batman_calzony (25)

The calzone section is pretty basic. It’s just stuffed with cheese, with a few pieces of pepperoni thrown in. And I think that might be Crazy Bread — although I haven’t had Crazy Bread since Batman Forever, bro! It also came with a tub of marinara, but unlike the pizza, the dipping sauce was as cold as Mr. Freeze, son!!!!

Still, that didn’t stop me from destroying this whole thing in one sitting. Holy Acid Reflux, Batman!!!!!!!!

batman_calzony_aftermath (6)

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