Fried chicken n waffles? We gotchu, FAM!

Now, back in the day when I used to hang out at The Big Bop, this hard rock bar at Queen and Bathurst (which is now a furniture store), there was this little dive across the street called Michael’s Tavern. No, not a funky little dive — but a straight up dive bar with some really sketchy characters. Only good thing about it was the beer was cheaper than across the street…

But you can’t buy beer at the Crate and Barrel, and just like The Big Bop, Michael’s Tavern is no more. Instead, they’ve got this funky little joint called Food Art Music in that spot serving up comfort food classics like these chicken and waffles:

fam_chicken_n_waffles (10)

OK, now let’s break it down. Chicken is boneless, like a tender, but it’s dark meat, with a bit of a kick. Waffles are nice and fluffy, Belgian style, with some fresh berries so you can call it breakfast. Maybe not the best chicken n waffles I’ve ever had, but it beats the heck outta anything they were serving up at Michael’s Tavern, bro!!!!

pabst_blue_ribbon (8)

In the beer department, this place isn’t much of an upgrade over Michael’s, though. Just your standard macrobrews from Molson, Coors, Heineken and Corona. I actually ordered a couple PBRs, y’know, for old time’s sake…

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