This five-spice pigeon is #SquabGoals

Right here in Toronto you can find pretty much any kind of food under the sun (as long as you’re not looking for, like, Icelandic rotten shark or something). And hey, if it’s funky, we’ll find it. So we’re hanging out at Sash, this fancy place just steps from Summerhill station, where they’re serving up something I’ve only ever seen in the wild. We’re talking squab, a baby pigeon that has yet to crank up the Foo Fighters and learn to fly, bro! But more on that in a sec…

sash_foie_gras_club (10)

When I saw the Seared Foie Gras Club on the menu, the first thing I asked was “Does it come with bacon?” It does not, nor is it even really a sandwich — although there is a little piece of brioche toast on top, so there’s that. Instead you get super-tender duck liver served with blueberries and a side of sage, which I don’t think you’re supposed to eat? I also did not pick this up with my fingers, but I gotta say, it’s one of the best sammies I’ve ever ate with a knife and fork!!!

sash_five_spice_squab (29)

But now it’s time for the main event! This baby bird kinda reminds me of quail, with the little legs that you nibble on, but the meat is more like a cross between duck and rabbit, and it’s cooked medium rare like a steak. It’s also a lot more gamey than any of those other creatures, except maybe rabbit. I thought it was pretty tasty, but… probably not something I’d go outta my way to eat again?

sash_chocolate_souffle (6)

On the other hand, their chocolate souffle is definitely worth ordering again! It takes them 15 minutes to make it, as they warm it up in the oven so it’s nice and hot, oozing with chocolatey goodness, and more than enough butterscotch and chocolate sauce to go around. I would put this right up there with any “warm/molten chocolate lava cake” I’ve ever had, bro!!!!!!!!!






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