ROOFTOP PATIO EATS: Bacon-wrapped steak and an Aussie parmy @ Hemingway’s

Finally, patio season has come back to Toronto, bro!!! We’re heading up on the rooftop at Hemingway’s, the legendary Thunder from Down Under in Yorkville, and down through my piehole goes parm ‘n chips, mate!!!!!

But before we get to this Aussie pub classic… it’s time for some bacon-wrapped steak bites.

hemingways_sirloin_bites (6)

Now, you know a place has been around for a while if they’ve still got steak bites on the menu. But Hemingway’s is keeping this culinary classic rock current by wrapping them in extra crispy bacon, bro! These Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in Flavourtown go down nicely with some BBQ sauce on the side…but I think they taste even better with ranch!!!!

hemingways_parm&chips (16)

But now they’ve got me ringin’ Hells Bells for the main event!!! It’s not really known how the Chicken Parma came over to Australia , but apparently it’s as popular at the pubs down under as AC/DC and Fosters. And unlike most places over here that serve it with spaghetti, a proper Aussie Parmy comes with a side of fries — I like the way they think!

Hemingway’s Parmy, which is only available on Wednesdays, is coming in hot ‘n thick with ham, tomato sauce and a nice layer of cheese on top. The fries are the extra-crispy kind you’d used to get at a school cafeteria, which is kinda like a comfort food flashback in Flavourtown. And between the side salad and those carrots and celery sticks, I’ve probably eaten more veggies this evening than I have in a month…

amsterdam_fria_cerveza (7)

Now, since they don’t actually serve Fosters at Hemingway’s, I had to go with something Canadian for beer. So I decided to try an Amsterdam Fria Cerveza, which they had on special, to get the summer started. But I dunno, bro, I was expecting something more like Flying Dog’s Numero Uno, a Mexican lager with a hint of lime brewed right in, which I had a few summers ago down south. Instead, all I really tasted here was lime… No mas!!!

muskoka_detour_ipa (11)

Instead I opted for a Muskoka Detour ISA — that’s India Session Ale, son! A lighter, easier-drinking take on a IPA, at 4.3%, it does have some hoppiness to it…but when it comes to lighter IPAs, I prefer the flavour of a Blood Light. (That’s right, I said Blood Light, bro!!!!)

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