Going Through The Wreckage @ The Morning After

Now, we don’t always get up for brunch on Triple B, but when I heard about this funky little joint called The Morning After, within stumbling distance from the Rogers Centre on Fort York Blvd, it just felt like it was calling my name. When it comes to hangover cures, they’re offering up this funkalicious take on a breakfast poutine — this is The Wreckage, bro!!!!

morning_after_the_wreckage (12)

Now, what we’ve got here are some home fries, topped with cheese curds, hollandaise, two kinds of meat — bacon AND smoked meat, bro! — and then they put a fried egg on top??? Shut the front, back and side doors, son!!!!!!!

morning_after_mango_tango (3)

The beer selection here is pretty boring, so instead we’re going for a prosecco supernova in the sky, Bro-asis! This Mango Tango is a crazed gyration of the rock generation, with bubbly, mango nectar and grenadine, plus a strawberry on top. But you KNOW we ain’t done yet, bro…

morning_after_the_deep_end (12)

The Deep End is taking me out to the ballgame with some baby blue curacao, along with lychee, lemon and prosecco. I’m about to dive into an ocean of these, Jacques Cous-bro!!!!!

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