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Real-deal South Indian deep in the heart of Scarborough!

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great restaurants in downtown Toronto… but sometimes, to get the real deal, you gotta go a bit further from the CN Tower. So we’re hanging out at Anjappar, this authentic South Indian restaurant in Scarborough, a few blocks from Kennedy Station and just down the street from a WalMart. This place is actually a chain in India, with over 30 locations — and they’ve even got three in the GTA, with one in Brampton and another in Mississauga. So you know it’s gotta be good, right?

anjappar_chettinad_restaurant (11)

And hey, while they do serve Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala, there is also a lot of food here that you won’t find at an Indian buffet. We’re talking Mutton Chukka Masala, Tandoori Prawns and a funky vegetarian dish called Chettinad Kozhambu in a tamarind-based gravy. Man, even the veggie dishes here taste good!!!!

anjappar_sambar (2)

We’re starting off with sambar, a lentil stew that’s packing more of that sour tamarind taste. I get the feeling that they use a whole lotta tamarind in South Indian cuisine…

mutton_chukka_masala (7)

Dude, this Mutton Chukka Masala is sooooo outta bounds, bro! You KNOW I’m a glutton for mutton, and this goat curry doesn’t disappoint! You’ve definitely got some tamarind in here, as it starts off sour, but ends with a strong, spicy kick. And the meat is super-tender, too. One of the best goat dishes I’ve ever had, it goes great with both naan and some potato masala, which is like mashed potatoes on flavour steroids, son!!!

anjappar_prawn_biryani (5)

But now we’re gonna kick it up a notch with prawn biryani! After that last biryani I had from King Palace, I was surprised that this was the least spicy dish on the plate. But the shrimp were super juicy and tender…we might have left a bit of rice and sauce behind, but we definitely ate all of the good stuff, bro!!!!!!

anjappar_aftermath (2)