ROOFTOP PATIO EATS: Burger for breakfast @ Gardiner Museum

You know when there’s a restaurant that’s hiding in plain sight, a place you’ve walked past a whole buncha times, but never been inside? Well, right across from the ROM, and within stumbling distance of Bloor and Avenue Road, sits the Gardiner Museum, a three-story space completely dedicated to pottery. And wouldn’t you know it, but their third floor restaurant is called Clay.

This place is pretty much just open for brunch though, as they close at 3 pm every day. But that doesn’t mean they only serve breakfast food, bro. Can you say cheeseburger at 10 am???

clay_burger (16)

Their signature CLAY Burger combines short rib and brisket into a thick, juicy patty, topped with water buffalo cheddar(!), with pickled red onions and radicchio instead of lettuce in a surprise twist. Oh, and I also paid $4 to add a fried egg on top, just so I could call it breakfast. 😉

clay_french_fries (5)

Fries are extra-crispy, slightly salty and served with some funky sauce that’s kinda like a remoulade or mayochup. Maybe I shouldda asked for ketchup?

steam_whistle_pilsner (4)

And when it comes to beer, there’s only three choices here — Peroni, Ace Hill Lager or Steam Whistle Pilsner. A Steam Whistle will do just fine, though…

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