SOUTH BY SOUTH AUSTIN: Seasons in the Bun @ P. Terry’s jacked-up burger joint!

Now, there are more than a few funky burger joints in Austin…but none of them seem to be south of the lake. But then I heard about this funky local chain that’s serving up Austin’s best burger (according to the Austin Chronicle), so you KNOW I had to check it out — this is P. Terry’s Burger Stand:

p_terrys_double_cheeseburger (4)

Of course, we had to go with the biggest, baddest burger on the menu, a Double Cheeseburger combo that’ll only set you back 9 bucks. Patties are very thin, cheese is melted all over the place, and you’ve got just a bit of lettuce and tomato for those two servings of veggies.

p_terrys_fries (2)

Fries are kinda like a cross between McDonald’s and Swiss Chalet. They’re thin like Mickey D’s, but not nearly as salty. And they’ve got a bit of that fresh-cut feel like Swiss Chalet.

p_terrys_ice_tea (3)

Washed it all down with a small iced tea. I keep forgetting that iced tea in the south is not the same thing that they sell in cans up in Canada…

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