Taking down a 2-foot taco at the CNE!!!!

Finally… the CNE has come back… to Toronto!!!! Sure, there are rides, concerts and even an airshow, but here at Triple B, we’re all about the crazy carnival food. And we’re definitely no strangers to the CNE, whether it was the fried chicken s’more sandwich in 2018, or the Philly cheese “steakclair” in 2016. So you KNOW we’re totally down to chow down on some of the weirdest, wackiest things at this year’s exhibition, bro!!!!

cne_korean_corndog (2)

So, we’re kicking off the festivities with a Korean corn dog. There are a lotta corn dog stands on the midway, but only one is serving up this tasty treat, which is two-thirds dessert, one-third hot dog. Just as I was about to give up on my search for this culinary classic, there it was, tucked in behind BMO Field.

cne_korean_corndog (11)

Now, I’m a big fan of Korean rice dogs, but this is a bit different. The batter is dipped in squid ink, and coated in sugar and breadcrumbs, so it’s sweet like a dessert. There is some melted cheese inside, but the first few bites were more like a cake pop — I didn’t get any hotdog until more than halfway through.

cne_korean_corndog (17)

Now, if you’re just looking for deep-fried deliciousness, you’re probably better off ordering from one of the other seven corn dog vendors on the midway. But if you want meat on a stick that’s so outta bounds, it makes you shut the back door and buy a ticket, then it might be worth spending 10 bucks on one of these bad boys!!!

cne_2ft_taco (8)

But now it’s time for the main event, and it’s about to get messy! The shell of this two-foot taco was already cracked by the time they handed it to me, and while I did grab a few (but not enough) napkins, I didn’t think to take a fork, which meant I had to scoop up the chorizo and lettuce with my hands, and shove it back into the rapidly decaying tortilla…

cne_2ft_taco (18)

Now, when I order tacos, I usually get at least 4-5 (unless we’re in Texas), so to me, this was just like eating 4-5 tacos…all rolled into one. It’s not the best taco I’ve ever had, but it’s definitely the biggest — so that counts for something, right?

cne_oreo_croffle (4)

Of course, since 4-5 tacos all rolled into one is just a light snack in Flavourtown, you KNOW I still have room for dessert. We’re talking croffles, a tasty treat that’s got the flakiness of a croissant, the shape of a waffle and the messiness of an ice cream sundae that you eat with your hands — they give you a fork, but not a knife, and this dessert is too thick to cut through it with just a fork, so here ya go…

cne_oreo_croffle (7)

Even with all the mess, this was the only CNE food that I would definitely eat again. (If I could get a two-foot taco al pastor, I might go for that…) There were a couple other flavours — tiramisu and I think mixed berries or something? — but I went with cookies and cream, which is basically what it says in the name, with Oreo cookie crumbles and chocolate sauce on top of pastry cream. Hey, it’s no Philly cheese steakclair, but it gets the job done, son!!!!!!!

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