Daily Archives: October 4, 2022

It’s a cheese pie and a spinach pie, all rolled into one…

Now, we’re no strangers to Greek food here on Triple B. So when we heard this funky joint called Petros82 opened up in the Entertainment District, right where Montecito used to be, you KNOW we had to check it out, bro!
This place has a massive menu full of Greek comfort food classics, but one thing that caught my eye was the spanakotiropita. Now, I’ve had spanakopita and I’ve had tiropita before, but I’ve never seen both of them in the same pie, son!
petros82_spanakotiropita (10)
This dish is coming in hot and flaky, and it really tastes like equal parts cheese and spinach. The cheese is what makes it, though!
petros82_fried_seafood (1)
But you KNOW that’s not all, bro! Coming up next, we’ve got a fried seafood medley of crispy calamari and tender, crunchy shrimp. I could eat that all day and all of the night!!!!!
petros82_moussaka (5)
And now it’s time for another Greek god in Flavourtown — we’re talkin moussaka, son! Calling it Greek lasagna does not do this dish justice. You’ve got some cheesy mashed potatoes, tender veggies and some tasty, delicious braised lamb. Shut the front, back and side doors!!!
salonika_honey_pilsner (18)
Another thing that’s on point about this place is they’re serving up some Greek craft beers that I’ve never even seen before, like this Salonika Honey Pilsner. Nice, malty taste with just a little sweetness from the honey — I think somebody musta shook the bottle though.
skinipa_lady_beer (4)
So instead of another one of those, I went with a Skinipa Lady. This is tangy like a saison, but still pretty strong at 5.5%. I like this a lot more than the first beer…
petros82_chocolate_torta (7)
But of course, we’ve still got room for dessert. This chocolate torta comes complete with a pistachio crust, chocolate drizzle and a variety of fresh berries. The only thing that’s bad about this is it’s way too small!!!!!