13 glasses of craft beer @ C’est What Fall Festival

Patio season is almost officially over, but we’re getting in one last beer festival before the season ends. We’re hanging out at the C’est What Beer Garden where for 20 bucks, you get 10 sample tickets at their Fall Festival of Craft Breweries. Or, if you happen to know someone who can’t use all 10, you might end up with a couple more… 😉

tea&bullshit_belgian_blonde (3)

Little Beasts Tea & Bullshit Belgian Blonde 5.5%
Time to spill the tea, bro! This malty, malty Bosstone had a slight hit of sweetness, but not a ton of taste.

ales_from_the_crypt (4)

Chronicle Ales from the Crypt 5.5%
This ruby red ale is sour like a saison with some nice fruit punch flavour.

gorgeous_peach_hefeweizen (3)

Titled Glass Gorgeous Peach Hefeweizen 5%
Maybe more banana but still a little peachy. Not too shabby.

fresh_pots_coffee_stout (5)

Town Fresh Pots Coffee Stout 6.5%
This pretty much tastes like coffee. And at 6.5% it’ll wake you up!!!!

washer_toss_lime_lager (4)

Town Washer Toss Lime Lager 4.6%
Almost like a saison or a Corona with lime. Tony Romo would love it!

lon_lon_vanilla_milkshake_ipa (6)

Chronicle Lon Lon Vanilla Milkshake IPA 6%
Very hazy and hoppy with a slight vanilla aftertaste. I could drink at least 3 more of these…

cest_what_hemp_haze (3)

C’est What Hemp Haze APA 5%
Not hoppy, but more of a funky taste. More of a English style pale ale than American.

cest_what_oktoberfest_kolsch (4)

C’est What Oktoberfest Kolsch 5.5%
Nice and crisp but with a very interesting slightly bitter aftertaste that I can’t quite place. (Hey, it’s my eighth beer of the day, bro…)

hip_hop_anonymous_ipa (2)

Titled Glass Hip Hop Anonymous hazy IPA 6%
Pretty classic IPA. Nice hoppy flavour. Nothing wrong with that at all!

wait_so_long_tropical_stout (1)

Little Beasts Wait So Long Tropical Stout 7.5%
Not so much tropical, but definitely tastes like a stout.

little_beasts_saehrimnir_grisette (5)

Little Beasts Saehrimnir Grisette 4.5%
Nice, light slightly fruity beer

town_little_buddy_dipa (1)

Town Little Buddy DIPA 8.8%
Hoppy, hazy and deceptively strong — doesn’t taste any stronger than the 6% IPAs.

town_snicklefritz_ipa (1)

Town Snicklefritz IPA 6.2%
Another hazy IPA that does what it says on the label. What’s up with that name, though?

cest_what_sausage+pretzel (5)

And because we’re not drinking on an empty stomach, we’ve got a baked pretzel and homemade beet, onion and tarragon sausage. Pretzel is buttery and crispy(!?) while the sausage has a nice meaty chew and a few crunchy bites of onion.

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