Slaying a rack of lamb and a whole chicken @ Soluna

So, we’re hanging out at Soluna, this funky joint that just opened up on Queen Street a few months back. Their menu has a little bit of everything — tapas, seafood, salad…even a 42 oz tomahawk steak. You can also choose between a half rack and a full rack of lamb, and a half rack or a full Piri Piri chicken. So I was like, how about both, bro???

soluna_lamb_chop (3)

Lamb was nicely grilled, more of a Greek style, with a side of chunky tzatziki that also goes great with potatoes.

soluna_piri_piri_chicken (19)

The chicken was all chopped up, and completely deboned, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a whole chicken — but there was plenty to go around. A little bit of kick but not too spicy, while the mango habanero salsa kicks it up a notch.

soluna_wild_mushrooms (16)

On the side, I went with roasted potatoes and wild mushrooms. Nothing wrong with the taters, but the shrooms are what makes it. You’ve got a tender, juicy variety of shiitake, cremini, oyster and king oyster mushrooms — just look at that bad boy, bro!!!!

soluna_aftermath (3)

And while I might have had room for dessert after polishing that all off, we were cutting it so close to our 2-hour time limit that they didn’t even offer to serve it. Now that’s a sad trombone solo in Flavourtown!!!!!

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