Daily Archives: October 28, 2022

Dude, this is Korean like you’ve never see-an!

Now, you KNOW we’re hardcore carnivores right here on Triple B — but we’re actually not the biggest Korean BBQ fans. (Unless maybe they cook it for you, then it’s a different story, morning glory!) But man, gimme Korean fried chicken and rice hotdogs any day… They’re ain’t fancy, but they shure is tasty, son!!!

Let’s just say that’s a world away from a 6-course tasting menu. But here at Orote, this funky little joint just a couple blocks from Bloor and Dufferin, they’re serving up a prix fixe menu of Korean-infused flavours — and unlike Don Alfonso, it won’t break the bank, bro!

orote_jeon (3)

We’re starting off with some jeon, a mung bean pancake. Basically like a latke —  I can’t believe it’s not potato!!!

orote_pumpkin_tart (15)

This pumpkin tart is creamy on the outside, crunchy on the inside. Consider my bouche amused.

orote_lobster_skewer (7)

This lobster skewer is soooo outta bounds, bro! Four tasty chunks of super succulent lobster meat — can’t go wrong with that!

orote_yellowtail (3)

Raw fish is not really my thing, but this yellowtail was pretty tasty. I could do without the gritty greens, though.

orote_scallop (5)

Scallops with ginger, mustard greens, eggplant — nice combinations of flavours. Scallop is super-tender and the eggplant and ginger kicks it up a notch.

orote_branzino (7)

Branzino with roasted cabbage and kimchi — this fish just melts in your mouth, bro! Cabbage adds a nice crunch… it’s like Korea meets Germany. Whaaaa????

orote_rice&chan (4)

They call this Rice & Chan, and it’s like a Korean kitchen sink in Flavourtown! You’ve got barley tea infused rice, miso soup, kalbi beef, kimchi and pickles, turnip, daikon, kale and potato salad… And this is all one course, bro!!! Beef is super tender, clam adds a nice bite to the miso, kimchi has a good kick. Even the cauliflower rice doesn’t suck!!!!

orote_jujube (11)

Dessert is a black sesame rice cake with roasted rice ice cream and miso caramel sauce. Basically ice cold vanilla ice cream on top of rice. Don’t knock it till ya try it, eh?

trou_du_diable_bretteuse (11)

And they’ve also got some pretty decent beer here, like La Bretteuse, a strong wild beer from Trou du Diable in Quebec. They age it 18 months in pinot noir and zinfandel barrels — basically, it’s the closest thing to wine I’ll ever drink!!!!!!