Pulling apart an Oktoberfest ham hock @ Liberty Commons

Now, over in Germany, they actually celebrate Oktoberfest in September. But over at Liberty Commons, the funky Big Rock brewpub in Liberty Village, they’re serving up Oktoberfest specials right up until Halloween, like a proper pretzel, Canadian currywurst and a Bavarian corn dog — not to mention this oversized pork popsicle in Flavourtown, the Oktoberfest ham hock for two:

liberty_commons_oktoberfest_ham_hock (7)

Now, I don’t know why, but the taste of this pork reminded me of Swiss Chalet chicken. (Hey, it’s the other white meat, bro!) Skin was nice ‘n crispy, and the meat was pretty tender. Plus, you’ve got a whole army of sides like sauerkraut, fries, pickles, chicharones — fried crispy pork skin — and baked beans, bro!

liberty_commons_baked_beans (1)

Dude, even the baked beans have pork in them — cuz there ain’t no party like a pork hock party!!!!!!!

oktoberfest_ham_hock_aftermath (2)

Now, just so we’re clear, there ain’t no more meat here — what’s left on the bone are the fatty bits that you can’t even bite into. They might call this is a meal for two, but it’s just another light snack in Flavourtown, son!!!!!!

big_rock_german_lager (8)

Big Rock’s signature beer happens to be a kristallweizen, but at Liberty Commons, they’re serving up nanobrews that you probably can’t find anywhere else — like this German lager, which tastes a lot better than the two-dollar Lowenbrau tallboys I snuck into a Ramnstein concert in my lederhosen, bro!!!!!!!!!!

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