It’s beginning to look a lot like, uh, Winter Village…

Now, we never made it to a Christmas market in Munich — they were just setting up at Marienplatz when we left town. But now that we’re back in Toronto, tis the season to hit up the annual Distillery Christmas Market… oh wait, The Distillery Winter Village. But all political correctness aside, I was looking forward to hitting up some holiday eats for the first time since 2018.

tartology_menu (2)

Now, I’m pretty sure Tartology was the name of a British prog rock band from the 70’s, but when I saw this funky joint serving up 19 different types of butter tarts, you know I’m all over that like a lamb on Broadway, bro!!!!

g&w_scotch_butter_tart (9)

Started off with a G&W Scotch butter tart. Nice and creamy Christmas treat…but I don’t really taste the booze.

peanut_butter_chocolate_tart (1)

Followed that with a peanut butter chocolate butter tart. This is like a Reece’s in pie form — I could slam like seven of these, son!!!!

chestnuts_roasting (2)

As we rounded the corner towards the Naughty or Nice bar, we saw this dude roasting chestnuts on an open fire. I can go for that, bro!!!!

roasted_chestnuts (5)

These roasted chesnuts were nucking futs! Skin was super crispy, and you’ve got that soft, chewy nut inside — they give you like seven or eight, which is just about right.

winter_village_raclette (4)

But you KNOW I’ve still got room for raclette, bro!!!!!

raclette_on_potatoes (23)

Now this is Christmas Comfort Food 101, son! Nice melted cheese over some roasted potatoes — can’t go wrong with that at all!!!!







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