Sri Lankan spice, and everything nice…

Here in Toronto, you can find food from pretty much every country in the world — except maybe Icelandic rotten shark. And we’ve eaten more different kinds of cuisine than you can count, here on Triple B, but there’s always a first time for something. Like, I’ve never actually had Sri Lankan food before…until now, bro!

So there’s this funky joint just west of Spadina on Queen Street called Saffron Spice Kitchen that’s serving up the most legit Sri Lankan this side of Scarborough. We’re talking all kinds of curries, rotis, lamprais and more — they’ve even got wraps and desserts! But if I’m having Sri Lankan for the first time, then I gotta go with one of their signature dishes… this is their Kawhi kathu roti:

kawhi_kothu_roti (10)

Now, when you hear roti, you probably think bread, right? But the deal with kothu roti is that they chop it all up, and mix it in with the other ingredients — in this case, butter chicken, tikka masala, paneer cheese, eggplant and scrambled eggs.The texture is kinda like a good Christmas turkey stuffing, but with chunks of spicy chicken and other goodies inside. And while Sri Lankan food is notoriously spicy, I wouldn’t say this melted my face off… but I did get a little sweaty from the chicken tikka and the chilies.

curried_lamb_roll (6)

Now, you KNOW I love lamb, so when I saw the currried lamb rolls on the menu, I had to get me some! These super-sized spring rolls taste kinda like Dutch bitterballen, packed with chewy lamb and rice… I’ll take 22 to go, bro!!!!!!!!!

kawhi_ kothu_roti_aftermath(3)

Now, that roti was probably enough food for three people — but since my Uber Eats order took over an hour to get here, I was so hungry that I destroyed it in like 15 minutes. (Fortunately, the food was still fairly warm.) And even after all that roti, I still saved some room for dessert…

sri_lankan_christmas_cake (13)

Little did I know, but Sri Lankan Christmas cake is actually a thing. It’s pretty much your typical Christmas fruitcake, but with a layer of icing sugar on top. Four dollars gets you this little piece, which comes wrapped like a Christmas present and takes about two bites to eat. Never thought I’d say this, but I actually wish I had more fruitcake…





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