Michelin star steak @ Alobar

Now, Michelin finally started handing out Michelin stars in Toronto this year. A buncha fancy sushi places that we would never go to made the list, along with one place we went to that definitely deserved it, and another place that was a bit of a surprise. Now, I don’t always know what these elite food critics are thinking, but when I saw they gave a star to Alobar, the more casual cousin of Alo, which is probably the fanciest restaurant in town (I’ve never been there), well, I figured it was worth checking out…

The menu here is all over the map, with raw seafood, pasta, fish and short rib. But I figured I’d go for some steakhouse classics — I mean, Michelin star steak has gotta be good, right?

alobar_wedge_salad (9)

We actually started off with a wedge salad. I know what you’re thinking — what the French fry, bro??? But this might be the most manliest salad ever, with big chunks of bacon and hunks of blue cheese, along with tomatoes and purple onions. This also could be the biggest salad I’ve ever had…but you KNOW we’re just getting started, bro!!!!

alobar_ribeye_steak (15)

Up next we’ve got a 24 ounce, bone-in ribeye, cooked to a nice medium rare, with a side of fries. Now the meat itself was very nicely done, one of the top five steaks I’ve had this year, but those portobello mushrooms they put on top really kick it up a notch. Dude, this shrooms are super-tender, nice and juicy… You could make flip-flops out of these bad boys, wear them to the beach, step in seagull shit — and they would still taste good!!!!

alobar_ribeye_aftermath (3)

But after completely cleaning my plate, you KNOW I’ve still got room for dessert, right? And they definitely don’t shortchange ya on this sour cherry cheesecake!

sour_cherry_cheesecake (3)

Cake was pretty creamy, and that cherry compote kicks it up a notch. They make you spoon it on yourself, so I made sure to get every last loving spoonful, son!!!!

sour_cherry_cheesecake (28)

Now, I know what you’re thinking, is this food Michelin Star quality? Well, four outta five Triple B Maniacs disagree. The steak was good and the salad was fine, but if that place gets a Michelin star, then Prime Seafood Palace should have two stars, at least. I’m not sure they would even have been recognized if they didn’t have Alo in the name…but whether they’re justified (and ancient) or not, if you’re looking for a Michelin star place that’s not sushi or a tasting menu, this might be a good place to go.

One thing to note for beer drinkers, though — literally the only beer they have here is Asahi, and they serve it in bottles. Not quite as bad as the Greek place that only had Heineken (and they were all outta Heineken)… but honestly, it’s pretty close. You might hafta pregame in the alleyway, bro!!!!!!

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