Havin’ a Folly Jolly Christmas bar crawl!!!

Now, we don’t always celebrate Christmas on Triple B, but when we heard that Folly Brewpub, at College and Dovercourt, was decking the halls and serving up some Christmas cocktails this year, you KNOW we’ll be there with jingle bells on, bro! And we showed up just in time for Happy Hour, where a few of their craft beers were less than six bucks:

dovercourt_pale_ale (6)

This here Dovercourt Pale Ale, named for their closest cross street, is nice and hoppy, checking in at 5.3%. This kind of reminds me of a few of my favourite IPAs, like Goose Island or Great Lakes Canuck, so I am quite happy here.

folly_gatekeeper_ipa (4)

Speaking of IPAs, their Gatekeeper IPA is actually less hoppy than its pale ale counterpart. It’s got a sweet, citrusy taste that’s not too bitter, and doesn’t seem as strong as its 6.3%.

folly_brewpub_pretzel (12)

Now, I’ve been craving soft pretzels ever since I got back from Germany, so when I saw Pretzels & Dip on the menu, I had to order ’em. However, they warned me ahead of time that instead of two giant pretzels, I only get one smaller pretzel — and they also replaced the beer cheese dip with a green salad. But hey, it’s still better than not eating a soft pretzel, I guess?

folly_brewpub_brisket_sando (15)

I also went with the smoked brisket sando, coming in so hot it almost melted my face off. This is definitely more pot roast than Texas BBQ, with the texture and the sauce tasting more like pulled pork. Still a decent little sando, though…

minty_white_russian (1)

And hey, with them donating $1 from every Christmas cocktail to Sick Kids, you KNOW I had to have at least one, son! This here’s a Minty White Russian, with vodka, Kahlua, mint schnapps and cream. You could say it really ties the room together, dude…

steadfast_chicken_tamale (14)

But even though Folly was closing early for a private Christmas party, we ain’t done drinking yet, bro! So we headed down to Steadfast Brewing at Dundas and Lansdowne for an unexpected Mexican Christmas treat — Holy Tamales, Batman! This chicken tamale had a nice little kick from the hot peppers, so you KNOW I’m gonna need a couple beers to wash it down…

lochside_scotch_ale (10)

This Lochside Scotch Ale had a similar taste to a British bitter, but a little heavier on the caramel — and just plain heavier, at 6.5%

going_steady_amber (13)

Their Going Steady amber ale is very bready, reminding me of Anchor Steam. I’m guessing this one ain’t gluten-free, haha.

white_men_cant_dunkel (7)

But we’re saving the best for last with White Men Can’t Dunkel, this funky Dunkelweizen. Dude, I’m all over this one like Woody Harrelson, son! This beer tastes bananas like the wheat beers in Germany — can I get seven to go????

wizard_of_gose (7)

But there’s one last stop before we go — we’re off to see the wonderful Wizard of Gose, bro! Bandit Brewery in The Junction is serving up this blackberry and sour cherry sour that makes me feel like I got at least one serving of fruit today…

beer_battered_cheese_curds (1)

Dude, when I saw they had beer-battered cheese curds on the food menu, you KNOW these were going straight down my piehole! Battered with a dry-hopped pilsner, garnished with bacon bits and served with a spicy donkey sauce, these are a few of MY favourite things, son!!!!!!!!!

bandit_cookie_thief (2)

But even after all that commotion back there, we’ve still got room for dessert beer. Cookie Thief is an oatmeal stout brewed with cocoa nibs and Graham crackers — it’s like a liquid s’more in Flavourtown!!!!!!!!!!!










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