Aloette Burger for breakfast, bro!!!!!!!

Man, it feels like a lifetime ago, but back in April 2020, when First Lockdown first started, the very first meal I ordered via Uber Eats was an Aloette Burger from Aloette, this funky little diner downstairs from Canada’s Best Restaurant. It used to be they didn’t take reservations, and it was almost as hard to get a table as the fancypants place upstairs. But since the pandemic, you can actually book a table now, which works for me — the only time I wait in line is for Kid Kentucky tickets at Mercury Ballroom, bro!!!!

aloette_fried_chicken (7)

Now, of course I’m gonna order the burger, but first, it’s time for a little light snack. The other thing this place is known for is the Aloette Fried Chicken, and you KNOW I like my chicken fried, Zac Bro-wn Band! Now, you can’t get chicken wings or chicken legs here — it’s all boneless, pre-cut, and comes with crudites, lettuce and hot sauce, so you can make your own lettuce wraps. (The bread is complimentary.)

aloette_fried_chicken (18)

Now, if I’m gonna eat lettuce, this is the way to do it! Chicken is nice and crispy, and it’s got this yuzu honey that makes it taste like lemon chicken from a Chinese food court. The crudites add a nice little crunch, while the hot sauce doesn’t give you too much of a kick — but it’s all a nice little bite in Flavourtown.

aloette_breakfast_burger (7)

But now it’s time for Second Breakfast, Bil-bro Baggins! And here’s where we funked it up a notch. I asked if they could add a fried egg on top — it actually came on the side (at no extra charge), so there was some assembly required. But man, when you add the oozy umami of that egg to that nice juicy beef, with the Beaufort cheese, on the soft, squishy bun… I would eat this three meals of the day, son!!!!!

blood_brothers_spiced_cherry (13)

And since the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad, I had one more for dessert. This Paradise Lost spiced cherry sour from Blood Brothers smells like Christmas, a cross between mulled wine and cherry pie, but tastes super-tart and puckery. You can’t even get this at the LCBO anymore, but Aloette actually has it on tap, so you KNOW I’ll be back, Bro-minator!!!!

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