Beer & beef @ Avling Brewery!

Now, waaaaay back in the day, I used to live on Pape and walk to work at Queen and Carlaw. In those days, I probably passed by five or six dive bars in that stretch alone. But now the area’s a lot nicer — instead of actual dives (and not the funky kind, either) they’ve got places like Avling Brewery, almost right at the corner of Queen and Pape, combining Nordic-style beers with Asian-infused flavours. Man, if I had this place along my route back then, I never wouldda made it into work, bro!!!!

avling_nightfall_dark_lager (7)

Avling’s beer list is twice as long as the food menu, so you KNOW it’s my kinda place! We’re starting off the evening with a dark Czech lager named after my second-favourite Candlemass album. Nightfall has a nice, wintery vibe with hints of cocoa and hazelnut. You are soooooo bewitched, bro!!!!

avling_brewery_smorgasbord (6)

We’re pairing that with an actual smörgåsbord — that’s what it says on the menu! This Scandinavian charcuterie plate combines meat, cheese, bread and some fruits and veggies for a real-deal German breakfast in Flavourtown!

avling_sangfroid_sour (9)

Speaking of German breakfast, it’s time for another beer. Sangfroid is not just the name of an obscure Ukranian black metal band, it’s also a barrel-aged farmhouse sour aged with cabernet sauvignon grape skins, giving it a blood-red colour. This might be the closest I ever come to drinking wine on Triple B, bro!!!!!

avling_beef_short_rib (28)

Now, they say you should drink red wine with red meat, so I almost got that right. Their braised short rib is sliced, not pulled, but the meat is still super melt-in-your-mouth tender. It comes with a whole garden of vegetables like roasted sunchokes, poached winter radishes and seared winter choy. Dude, I’m getting a whole winter’s worth of veggies in this dish!!!!!

avling_pale_fire (12)

Unfortunately, this place only has one dessert on the menu… and I’m not really down with date cake, so instead I went for some liquid dessert in the form of Pale Fire, a barrel-aged sour with peaches. Now, they musta used millions of peaches to make this beer, so I’m sure this bottle has at least two servings of fruit. But it’s not overpowering, with a nice aftertaste. I wouldn’t have known it was 6.7% if it didn’t say so on the label, bro…

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