Lamb bacon is takin’ this burger to a new level!!!

So, we’re hanging out at The Dog & Tiger, this funky little gastropub right in the heart of Little Italy. Now, when I saw they had house-cured lamb bacon on the menu, and also a signature cheeseburger, I was like, dude, can I get some lamb bacon on my D&T Burger? Turns out that no one else had ever asked that before… but there’s always a first time for everything in Flavourtown!!!!

d&t_burger (10)

Now, there ain’t no bacon strips here — this lamb bacon is thick like pork belly, with a nice chew. Maybe a bit too thick for them to put two pieces on top, but when you get a bite of that lamb, along with the beef, oozy melted cheese and maybe a little pickle, that right there is the ticket!!!!!

Man, if Christopher Walken walked in to this joint, he’d probably say “Actually, I think there’s enough cowbell.” This place is serving up five different beers from Cowbell Brewing — three on tap, two more in cans. Now, you KNOW we don’t fear the reaper on Triple B, but when I saw they had a couple of German-style beers from True History, I figured I’d try those instead.

true_history_mostly_foam (3)

After getting schnitt-faced in Munich, this Mostly Foam Dortmunder definitely had my name on it. Mind you, they kept the foam to the minimum here — and that’s alright with me. This beer kinda reminded me of Germany — a crisp, easy drinking lager. Too bad they don’t serve it in a stein, though…

watch_me_dive_festbier (6)

But now True History’s taking it up a notch with this Watch Me Dive festbier. This one’s got more of a malty bite to it, kinda like the Hofbrau Oktoberfest beer I had…in New York City, of all places. Man, I should totally check out the True History Brewery one of these days!!!

dog&tiger_smores_tart (11)

But you didn’t think we’d be full after that big burger, didja? Yeah, we’ve still got room for dessert — and this dessert is soooo next-level, bro! Turns out, since we showed up a couple days after V-Day, they still had a couple of these Dulce de Leche S’mores Tarts left over from their Valentines menu. Dude, this is like Campfires Gone Wild in Flavourtown! You’ve got toasted marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and a hot chocolate ganache, all inside a crispy crust. Happy Guy-intines Day, bro!!!!

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