Man, I didn’t know lambs could speak French, bro…

So, we’re hanging out at Le Baratin, this funky little French bistro on Dundas West, where they’ve got a pretty sweet deal: two courses for $48, or three for $58. And that includes anything on the menu, bro! Now, I’m always down for eating three things for less than the price of a steak, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to order until I saw the jarret d’agneau — dude, I didn’t even know lambs spoke French, bro!!!!

le_baratin_lamb_shank (22)

This super-tender, heart in a blender, lovely, lovely lamb shank falls off the bone with a fork — no knife needed, bro! And this might be the best lamb shank I’ve had outside of Greektown, with some kidney beans, veggies and a tomato broth — looks like I’m not getting scurvy today!!!!

baratin_escargots_forestiere (8)

But it seems we’ve started this story in the middle of the page, so let’s back that track up, Jack! For starters, we scarfed down some escargot forestiere, in a garlic cream sauce, with some big ol’ mushrooms. And I gotta say, the mushrooms is what makes it. These bad boys were meaty, beaty, big AND bouncy, bro!!!!!!!!!

le_baratin_chocolate_mousse (17)

Now, it’s rare that we go to a French restaurant and NOT order creme brulee, but when I saw they only had orange creme brulee, I was like, no way, Jose! So, instead I went with the chocolate mousse. Nice ‘n creamy, with a little nutty aftertaste from their not-so-secret ingredient, Amaretto. Dude, I could crush a whole tub full of this mousse, bro!!!!

blanche_de_chambly (4)

And hey, the beer selection ain’t bad here, with two draft beers and eight cans to choose from. While they do have Kronenbourg (but not on draft), I just went across the border with this Blanche de Chambly from Unibroue. I’m definitely no stranger to this one — it’s probably my go-to wheat beer on this side of the pond. (Weihenstephan Weizen FTW, frau!) And hey, unlike Unibroue’s much stronger beers like La Fin du Monde, you can crush these all day without puking in a garbage can, bro!!!!!!!

(Not that I’ve ever done that or anything…)

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