Funky seafood feast @ Season Six!

So, we’re hanging out at Season Six, this funky little joint on Ossington, just south of Dundas and right next to the Rotate This record store. Man, I think the last time I ate here, it was at a joint called Rashers that only served bacon sandwiches. Kinda sad that place didn’t stick around… but Season Six is pretty funkalicious in its own right.

grilled_garlic_shrimp (7)

We’re starting off with a pile of grilled garlic shrimp with great green globs of chimmichurri. Shrimp are cooked perfectly, with a nice char and some good grill marks. Not a bad first round in Flavourtown…

sea_scallop_fettucine (12)

But now it’s time for the main event. We’re talking sea scallop fettuccine, with a creamy pumpkin brown butter, some nice chunks of pancetta and roasted Brussels sprouts. Cuz the only time I’ll eat Brussels sprouts is when you serve ’em up with Italian bacon, son! Pasta is super-rich, scallops are nice and tender — I would definitely eat this again!

woodhouse_nordic_pale_ale (2)

Washed it all down with a couple Nordic Pale Ales from local brewing bros at Woodhouse. Light and fruity, at 5.2%, with enough hops that you’re drinking an IPA, but not enough to get the gas face. I think I’ll have another three…

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