Halibut Gone Wild @ Ration!!!

Queen Street West has gotten a lot fancier since back in the day…but for all the big chain stores around, you still can’t really find many decent places to eat. So when they opened Ration at the Beverly Hotel over a year ago, it really gave the area a big boost. The place is all about sustainability, making sure they use all their ingredients — they even put duck in the dessert, bro!!!!

ration_duck_croquettes (6)

We’re starting off with a couple duck croquettes. These duck balls are hot and meaty — but I kinda wish there was more than two of them…

ration_beef_tartare (5)

On the other hand, the beef tartare is a pretty decent portion. Dry aged for 60 days, it’s got a nice chew and goes great with their soft miso bread.

ration_wild_halibut (15)

But now it’s time for the main event. The wild halibut comes in 3 or 6 oz portions — the 6 oz means you get two pieces of fish for the price of two. Fish is nice and flaky, with a good char on the outside…but the mussels on the side is what makes it!!!

ration_mussel (8)

Now, this place doesn’t have any beer at all, so I ended up drinking a few cocktails instead. C’mon, you KNOW I wasn’t gonna stick with water, bro!!!!

ration_brain_fog_cocktail (10)

Brain Fog combines tequila, lime, pear, white wine and a “white chocolate fat washed pisco” for a drink that’s very citrusy.

wanna_tonka_bout_it (8)

Wanna Tonka Bout It is their take on a special coffee, with rum, green chartreuse, tonka beans, bananas and espresso. All I really taste is the coffee, though…

ration_make_it_sexy (9)

Make It Sexy gets down on it with crème de cassis, lemon, rosemary and soda water. It’s kinda like a soft drink gone wild!!!

ration_dark_chocolate_tart (4)

For dessert, they’re serving up a dark chocolate tart with butterscotch foie gras, Saskatoon berry sauce and ice cream with honey and smoked hay. The ice cream melts right away, and I wouldn’t know there was duck in this dessert if you didn’t tell me… But it was a nice, little tasty treat.

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