Great beer & great pizza @ Great Lakes Brewpub

No we’re no stranger to Great Lakes beer here on Triple B — their Canuck IPA is a personal fav. But I had never been to their GLB Brewpub, which opened at the foot of Jarvis about a year ago… until the other night. And I gotta say, for a brewery known for IPAs, they had a very good selection of beers that were hardly even hoppy at all.

great_lakes_glucklich_kellerbier (6)

We’re starting off with a Glucklich, this killer kellerbier. It’s light in colour and alcohol content (4.5%) but has a nice, rich aftertaste that takes me back to Munich, bro!!!!

unwritten_rule_saiason (2)

This here’s an Unwritten Rule aged saison. Say what now? It’s got a nice little tang, but not too sour or too funky — I’ll take three to go!

great_lakes_pork_nuggets (15)

Of course, you KNOW we can’t keep drinking on an empty stomach, bro! So now it’s time for some pork nuggets — they’re the other white meat! These crispy croquettes come three to an order, with tender pig cheeks on the inside and an espresso donkey sauce on top. Shut the back door!

fruschoppen_german_pilsner (9)

But now we’re heading back across the pond (in my mind) with this Fruhschoppen German pilsner. This ain’t yer grandpappy’s Labbatt Blue — it’s got a nice bite to it, bro!!!

ol_erebus_porter (10)

It’s time for something darker and just a little bit heavier… it’s still only 5%. This Ole’ Erebus porter has got the nice kiss of cocoa that a black beer should — nothing wrong with that at all!

italian_ham_pizza (20)

Now, if you come in after 7 pm on Wednesday — and only on Wednesday — their Detroit-style pizza pies, which are normally $22-$26, are all on sale for 15 bucks. I will say they’re not as thick or as crispy as some of the other Detroit pizza I’ve tried, but this Italian Ham, with prosciutto, ricotta and shishitos, totally hits the spot, bro!!!!!!

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