High-end cocktails and small plates @ C Suite

Now, we don’t always drink cocktails on Triple B… but when we do, they come in a space pod with an astronaut on top. We’re hanging out at C Suite, this brand new bar in Yorkville through a locked door on top of an ice cream shop. This place has only been open for a few months, but they’re already serving up drinks that are out of this world, bro!!!!

c-suite_spiced_mule (12)

This spiced mule can come rescue me any day! You’ve got aged rum, ginger cordial, lime juice and ginger beer, topped with blood orange and a burnt cinnamon stick. It’s 50% Moscow Mule, 50% Dark and Stormy, and 100% magically delicious!!!!

c-suite_old_fashioned (5)

And now we’re kickin’ it old school with this C-Suite Old Fashioned. Bourbon, demerara syrup, orange bitters and an orange peel. Nothing wrong with this classic.

c-suite_duck_breast_carpaccio (3)

You can get some food here, but these plates are so small, you’ll probably need to go for a bacon double cheeseburger or an XL pizza afterwards. But be sure to get the duck breast carpaccio though, nice, juicy pieces of duck served cold. No need for the wasabi on the side — this dish is better off without it.

c-suite_miso_black_cod (6)

Maybe this miso black cod couldda used some of that spice, bro. Fish was flaky, but I thought it was kinda bland. Now, if you put some beer batter over it, that’s a different story… I don’t think they even have any beer in the fridge here?

c-suite_pork_belly (5)

And finally, we’ve got this braised pork belly served in broth with a soft boiled egg. I kinda wanted to combine this with their noodle soup, which we didn’t order, to make one big bowl of flavour. Maybe next time???

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