Getting freaky with some freekeh!!!!

Now it’s not every day that a side dish makes me wanna check a place out. But we’re hanging out at Limon, this funky Middle Eastern joint in The Beaches, and I’m about to get freaky with some freekeh, bro!!!!

limon_freekeh_majadra (7)

This Freekeh Majadra is heading straight down ma piehole, son! This feast from the Middle East is equal parts grains and lentils, with these crispy fried onions on top. Dude, this body by crispy fried onions, bro!!!!

limon_lamb_chops (6)

But you KNOW we didn’t just come here to do lentil stew, dude! This Lamb Chops Slay-Along is tender ‘n juicy, served with onions on the plate and pickles on the side. Three to an order plus a big bowl of freekeh makes for a nice, light lunch in Flavourtown!!!!

godspeed_sklepnik (4)

Now, you might not have expected this, but Limon has a great selection of local craft beer, from the likes of Badlands, Shacklands, Bellwoods, Fairweather and Godspeed. This here is a Godspeed Sklepnik (try saying that five times fast!) which they’ve actually got on tap. This Plzen-style pale lager has a strong bite like Pilsner Urquell — it beats the crap outta Labatt Blue, bro!!!!

badlands_very_provocative_dipa (4)

Speaking of stronger beers, this Very Provocative DIPA from Badlands Brewing definitely packs a punch. At 8.2% this super-hazy juicebomb can get you wastey-faced like Kid Rock at a Coors Light convention — it’s fucking nowhere near water, let’s put it that way!!!!

limon_halva_lava_cake (15)

But even after that delicious mess back there, we’ve still got room for dessert — and when I saw the Halva Lava Cake, I knew I had to halva it! This warm chocolate cake is baked to order, with a raisin and brandy filling. You KNOW this boy is mine, bro!!!!!!

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