Big Ass Steak? Dude, this is body by Big Ass Steak!!!!

So, we’re hanging out at Baro, this funky Latin fusion joint on King West. I’ve been here a couple times before, for some legit lomo saltado and a badass beef brisket burger, but when I heard they added a Big Ass Steak to their menu, you KNOW I gotta check it out, bro! We’re talkin’ 29 oz bone-in ribeye (22 ounces without the bone, so I’m told), dry aged for 45 days, and cooked to a perfect medium rare. Get in ma belly!!!!!

baro_big_ass_steak (7)

And when I said perfect medium rare, I wasn’t kidding. At some places, when the steak comes, it might be medium rare in the middle, but well done on the ends — but that was not the case here, since every piece was perfectly pink. It’s coming it hot with sides of sauteed onions, chimichurri and just a few shishito peppers (Vela, take note!) But you can’t have any meat without potatoes, right?

baro_casava_fries (3)

SIKE! These ain’t French-fried potaters, they’re cassava fries, broseph! Nice ‘n crispy with this baller cotija cheese donkey sauce that really kicks it up a notch! You could put that on a pinata, and it would still taste good!!!!

big_ass_steak_aftermath (6)

You know what they say, just another light snack in Flavourtown. I did leave some of the chimichurri behind cuz I thought the meat tasted better without it…

baro_churros (2)

…and of course, we still had room for dessert. These churros come four to an order, so I only ate two of them. And while the steak was much better than I expected from a non-steakhouse, I guess I know now not to order churros at a (primarily) Peruvian place. I mean, I’d still eat these over a flip-flop, but they just seemed a little too doughy, and that caramel dipping sauce was maybe a little bit off. But hey, I still went back for seconds, so there’s that!!!

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