This short rib soup really sticks to your ribs!!!

Now, we’re definitely no stranger to beef short ribs on Triple B. Dude, this is body by beef short ribs, bro! So when I heard that the Owl of Minerva on Bloor, this funky joint right in the heart of Koreatown, was putting short ribs in a soup, you KNOW I had to check it out! But even though this is a Korean joint, these are not Korean-style short ribs…

short_rib_soup (32)

Instead of thinly sliced kalbi beef, what you’ve got here is boiled ribs on the bone, in a broth with eggs, green onions and some glass noodles. While the bone adds bonus flavour, getting the meet off was pretty tough. You get about 4-5 bones a bowl, and I was able to pull everything off a couple smaller bones, but in the end, I was just picking things up with my hands and biting into it that way. That might not be how it’s supposed to be done, but hey, it works for me, son…

short_rib_soup_aftermath (6)

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