Beach-ter feaster buffet @ Toronto Beach Club

Now, I know we just went to town on an Easter Sunday brunch buffet last weekend, but when I heard the Toronto Beach Club, this upscale funky joint right on Woodbine Beach, was serving up its own Oasis Brunch, a $75 AYCE buffet on Sundays, let’s just say I’m not gonna wait until the next holiday to check it out, bro! I’ve already had a great big steak dinner here in 2021, so I know this place is pretty fancy. And while it’s almost twice the price of HOTHOUSE… I gotta say, it’s a lot tastier, too.

Plate 1: Brioche French toast, bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs with cheese and guac, frittata

Now, my biggest complaint about the HOTHOUSE buffet was their badly undercooked bacon. But the bacon here is much better — just crispy enough without being too hard. We’ve also got a couple tasty sausages, a nice piece of brioche french toast, with maple syrup and berries, scrambled eggs with guac and cheddar cheese — and then a fritatta. Because why not?

Plate 2: tuna tataki, mussels escabeche, seafood salad, sea bream, salmon gravlax, tiger shrimp, BC oysters

Plate number two is strictly seafood — and this is where the Beach Club sets itself apart. You’ve got fresh oysters, mussels, great big tiger shrimp, along with tuna tataki, smoked salmon and a seafood salad with squid, scallops and shrimp. Plus, in the middle of the plate (although you can’t really see it here) you’ve got a couple pieces of hand-carved sea bream. I mean, there wasn’t a whole lotta fish left by the time I swung by (probably around 12:30 or so), but I can kinda see why it goes so fast — where have you ever seen a hand-carved fish station before, bro????

Plate 3: roast beef, lamb shoulder, Greek potatoes, baked short rib pasta

Speaking of carving stations — they’re not just carving up fish, but roast beef and lamb as well. Now, I thought the beef at HOTHOUSE was the best part of that buffet, but this roast beef is even better; nice ‘n thick and juicy. Goes great with the lemony greek potatoes and the baked short rib pasta, which is sorta like mac ‘n cheese on steroids. The lamb here was also more seasoned than at HOTHOUSE… but on the other hand, The Beach Club does not have an omelette station, so there’s that.

Plate 4: lemon square, chocolate brownie, carrot cake, baklava, chocolate chip cookie

Of course, you can’t go to a buffet and NOT eat dessert, bro! This plate has got a few of my favourite things — chocolate chip cookie, carrot cake, chocolate brownie… they’ve even got baklava. How many buffets have baklava???

Now, you also won’t get any $5 caesars here — plus, a pint of beer was like 13 bucks. But I gotta say, this buffet was the closest thing in Toronto I’ve seen to the famous Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong, it’s about half the size, but the seafood and carving stations are on point. Plus, I ate enough food for like 3 people, so I’m not complaining about the price, either!

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