Well gosh dang, that’s some good rendang!!!!

Now, we’ve had food from all over the world on Triple B, but it’s not every day that you see Malaysian food in Toronto. So when I heard about Soos, this funky little joint on Ossington serving up “modern interpretations of Malaysian street food” you KNOW I had to check it out now, funk soul brother!!!!!

We’re starting off with some pork belly pancakes. Dude, Pork Belly Pancakes was my nickname in the kitchen at the Golden Griddle, bro! These little piggies were nice ‘n sticky, served on a crispy taro cracker. Man, you could serve that on a flip-flop, and it would still taste good!!!!

But now it’s time for the main beef-vent. This beef rendang is super-tender, braised in a nice, mild curry with fried cabbage and jasmine rice. I don’t always eat cabbage, but when you put it next to beef this good, I pretty much licked the plate clean, son!!!!

Now, at a place like here, you KNOW we gotta have a few ice cold Tiger beers…

…but we’re also kicking it up a notch with a Jutsu Pale Ale from just steps down the street at Bellwoods Brewery. It’s hoppy, hazy, but won’t make you go crazy. You’re my kinda lover, Bro-y Squier!!!!!!!!!


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