Baller beef cheeks @ Bellwoods Brewery!!!

Now, Bellwoods is one of the most legit craft breweries in Toronto, bro. Man, I’d drink Jelly King for breakfast, lunch and dinner — it has fruit in it, so that counts as dessert, right? And their brewpub on Ossington is super, super popular — they don’t take reservations, which means you gotta get there early. But hey, it’s always beer o’clock somewhere, bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

bellwoods_hot_wings_ipa (4)

I dunno if I’d call it a gastropub, but Bellwoods is definitely kicking it up a notch beyond basic pub food. For one thing, you won’t find chicken wings on the menu — but they are serving up Hot Wings, a west coast pale ale that’s not too hoppy or too heavy. It’s not bad, but it’s pretty basic in my books.

bellwoods_ratclops_ipa (6)

On the other hand, this Ratclops IPA is more my jam. A lot more hazy and citrusy as well. This would actually go well with some actual hot wings, haha.

bellwoods_brewery_beef_cheeks (24)

But instead of chicken, we’re eating beef… which is definitely not unusual on Triple B. These braised beef cheeks were actually my third choice — the steak frites had been discontinued and they were all outta Jagerschnitzel. But I definitely don’t regret this decision. Beef was super tender, nice kick from the onion marmalade, and a tasty au jus. But what makes it are the king oyster mushrooms. You could put those on a flip-flop, and they would still taste good!!!!!!!!!

bellwoods_sticky_toffee_pudding (4)

But even after all that braised beef back there, we’ve still got room for dessert. And I gotta go with the sticky toffee pudding over the basque cheesecake. It’s mayyyyybe not as good as Gordon Ramsay’s, but it’s a lot closer than the walk between Hell’s Kitchen and the KISS glow-in-the-dark mini putt on the Vegas strip, bro! Nice richness of the cake, tasty toffee sauce, and that vanilla ice cream is too legit to quit! You could put it on a seven inch leather heel, and it would still taste good!!!!!!!!!

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