Beef chili & bone marrow nachos!? Shut the back door, bros!!!!

Now, we don’t always go to cocktail bars on Triple B, so when we do, it’s cuz they’re serving up something funkalicious (or they’re named after a killer Danzig tune). And that’s definitely the case at Florette, this funky little joint on Queen West that’s like halfway between the Drake and the Gladstone. Not only do they have cocktails named Al Pastor and Miso Soup, but the food is pretty fresh, too. Say hello to ma lil’ friend, chicken croquette!!!!

florette_chicken_croquettes (24)

Dude, these great balls of fryer are coming in hot and cheesy, with chunks of chicken, melty mozza and a nice, crispy coating. They only come two to an order, but I could slam like 22 of these, bro!!!!

florette_manila_clams (11)

But instead, I’m gonna slam about 22 clams. These Manila clams are some tasty little babies, served with an nduja sausage butter and a lemon vinaigrette, so you KNOW they’re lemony fresh! I gotta say, this picture makes them seem a lot bigger than they really are, though…

florette_bone_marrow (16)

Now, you mighta seen the bone marrow on the menu, but you won’t know what you’re getting into unless you read the small print. This ain’t no ordinary marrow, bro! It comes topped with chili, cheese and this spicy “green goddess” sauce, along with a side of nacho chips — just grip it and dip it, John Bro-ly!!!!

florette_miso_soup (5)

When it comes to cocktails, they were all outta Al Pastor, but I did get to try the Miso Soup. And it really does taste like it! What they do is take sake, and mix it with scallion oil and miso cordial (whatever that is), giving it both the colour and flavour of the famous Japanese starter — the difference is this one comes out ice cold!!!!

buttered_corn_martini (3)

On the other hand, I didn’t detect any buttered corn in the Buttered Corn Martini. It was pretty boozy though, bro!!!!

florette_chocolate_tart (4)

This place has only got one dessert on the menu, but there was totally a chocolate tart with my name on it. You’ve got pretty much everything I’d want in a pie — chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! We’re talkin’ chocolate cream with chocolate crumbles and a side of chocolate mousse. Shut the chocolate door!!!!

florette_cafe_amalfi (5)

Now, this might be the closest thing to coffee you’ll see on Triple B — except maybe a stout with coffee. This Cafe Amalfi combines espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka and a blood orange triple sec, which really kicks it up a notch. This drink also goes great with dessert, bro!!!!!!

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